Iren Høyland Löhr, MD PhD. Network manager.

April 3, 2018
people1 Chief consultant and Post doc at the Department of Medical Microbiology at Stavanger University Hospital.

Löhr is the founder and head of NOR-KLEB and has been working within the field of clinical microbiology and AMR for 10 years, particularly focusing on K. pneumoniae. She has studied various aspects related to K. pneumoniae in Norway, including AMR, horizontal gene transfer, virulence, colonization in healthy humans, disease burden, spread in the hospital environment, and outbreaks. She has successfully obtained three grants from the Regional Health Authorities West (2016: post-doc and project funding; and 2017 PhD-scholarship), and is currently the main and co-supervisor of two PhD-students (A. Fostervold and N. Raffelsberger, respectively) in the frame of NOR-KLEB. Furthermore, she is a member of relevant national/international committees, such as NWGA and NordicAST and head of the newly established AMR research group at SUS.

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