Workshop May 2018

May 24, 2018
NOR-KLEB-NET Workshop May 2018

At the beginning of this month, NOR-KLEB-NET held its very first Workshop at Utstein Kloster Hotell. 35 participants enjoyed several talks and discussions about Klebsiella and planned future projects and collaborations.

We were fortunate to have experts Kat Holt, Kelly Wyres, Sylvain Brisse, Jose Bengoechea and Christian Giske give excellent talks on their Klebsiella research and we also learned about funding opportunities from Anne Hjelle (Stavanger University Hospital Research Department) and Kristin Andersen (Norwegian Research Council).

Their slides are available here:

Here are some pictures from our event

nknw1_2The Venue: Utstein Kloster Hotell.

nknw1_3 Utstein Kloster - Norway's last standing Monistary.

nknw1_4 We had a guided tour of the Monistary...

nknw1_5 ... and had dinner in the monks' old prayer room.

nknw1_6 We also had very nice dinner at the hotel!


nknw1_8 Kelly Wyres talking about the comparative genomic evolution of Klebsiella pneumoniae clones.

nknw1_9 Christian Giske gave a talk about the challenges in AMR Klebsiella pneumoniae infections and treatment.

nknw1_10 Kat Holt spoke about Klebsiella population genomics.

nknw1_11 Jose Bengoechea talked about our current understanding of Klebsiella pneumoniae pathophysiology in the context of host-microbe interactions.

nknw1_12 Sylvain Brisse gave his talk: 'From population biology to genomic epidemiology'.

nknw1_13 Several of the participating institutions presented their current and planned work on Klebsiella pneumoniae. Here, Marianne Sunde and Bjørn Tore Lunestad were presenting their work from the Norwegian Veterinary Institute and the Institute of Marine Research.

nknw1_13_1 Niclas Raffelsberger presented his ongoing projects at The University Hospital of North Norway and UiT – The Arctic University of Norway, with Gunnar Simonsen as chair for this session.

nknw1_14 Anne Hjelle then spoke to us about funding opportunities in Norway, and Kristin Andersen later spoke about funding opportunities from the EU.

nknw1_16 Hotel views!