Apply for travel grants

June 19, 2022

Information about the possibility of applying for a travel grant:

  • Partners, PhD fellows, post docs and other relevant personnel can apply to the network for travel scholarships to visit national or international partners or to attend educational courses or relevant conferences/meetings.
  • The purpose of the visit/course/conference/meeting must be relevant to network activities and related to Klebsiella research.
  • It is possible to apply for up to NOK 50,000 for longer stays with international partners.
  • A simple application must be sent by e-mail to Iren Löhr (loih [at] sus [dot] no), who will process the applications consecutively among three independent members of the steering group by e-mail.
  • Grants may be awarded during the remaining project period until June 2024.
  • The application must include the name of the applicant, the purpose of the visit and/or program of the course/conference/meeting and information on which project the applicant is working. For PhD students and post docs the application must be supported by the supervisor and/or the network partner from the relevant institution.
  • The travel scholarship will be paid in arrears after submission of travel invoice and receipts/attachments.
  • If steering group members apply for a grant themselves, they will be recused from the application assessment.